Battery voltage values over serial port over usb.

Capture d'écran de 2016-03-07 21:52:41

Just added a display of each battery voltage. It will be more usefull than I though for the development of the balancing algorithm. If it is possible to balance before charging it could be best solution. Because it removes completelly the capcitive effect. However if a battery is too low the passive draining of the batteries must not go to this level.

By balancing before charging, you wait for the balancing to finish when maybe you need to charge the car quickly. But if the pack is not too umbalanced or too low, it may be a reliable solution.

Also added a CRC to the transmited frames in order to be more confident in the transfered data. I do ont trust that much a serial port. On the linux side, it has his own thread and a stop char but a CRC does no harm.


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