Upernes – a nes to supernes game recompiler: passing the tests.


In 2010 I learnt that the 65C816 cpu could run native 6502 code. And hence it could be possible to run nes games like “super mario” on the snes.

Plus I wanted to test what would be required to recompile a program from one architecture to another. I was thinking about how assembly code could be re-optimised by dynamic profiling on each target CPU.

In 2010 and 2011 I built a system able to disassemble a nes rom and build a snes rom. It is called upernes and can be found on github. But it only passed simple test roms.

Disassembling to recompile a program is a slightly more detailed process than everyday disassembling. But the game code remains nearly the same, like “only” replacing the calls to the Audio Processing Unit and Picture Processing Unit.

In 2011, by adding complexity to the assembly routines it got messy and I lost grip on it. This week I will work on it from the first simplest test rom with the goal to run SMB on the super nes.

The difficulty is to keep the first tests pass while adding stuff to the PPU emulation. Test driven development seems difficult on this. I will split the source code into independent functions when possible and make testing more automatic. The progress will be documented on this blog.

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