Balloon Fight beginning to run on the super nes.

Balloon Fight on bsnes plus

This week “Balloon Fight”  automatic conversion to a snes rom using upernes started to work. The previous developments were conducted on supersleut and video memory was accessed through registers.

Now I use the new bsnes-plus v073+2 a special version with debugger and it is great. But register emulation has something and dma use is mandatory. So I had to make some changes in ram to vram transfers. This week, sprites worked for the first time and it was already playable. It is complex and the results are all or nothing.

I am working on the backgrounds, it is not so simple because the background memories are very different. Attributes memory gives the palette of 16 tiles per byte, while on the snes you must update the 16 tiles. Therefore it must be optimised, but first it must work.

The nes nametable becomes a buffer in CPU ram and is move to vram using DMA. This is simple and effective, it was a mess the the vram ports.

I will use the HDMA with indirect access to update a list of tiles and if too many tiles must be updated, it will be a full screen DMA update.

Now the attributes table.


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