Super Mario Brothers first successful conversion


On my previous post I was reflecting on a way to preserve the PRG ROM in order to execute the jump engine properly. Finally, chose to patch the PRG ROM by using a JSR to a block of jump routines in RAM. Those ram routines go to bank 0 and come back to the caller in bank 1 by using a return long. It was quicker than BRK because the BRK method requires to pull too many bytes from the stack.

Until today I had many problems with SMB. While balloon fight could be played, I had only a black screen on SMB.

In fact only the first instructions were executing. The indirect jump engine was not reading the correct addresses. Also, the programmers used a trick to jump over variable initialisations by using a BIT instruction using the 2 following bytes as BIT operands or as STA #$XX. And this was difficult to disassemble. It had 2 meanings depending on the address

However because the jump engine routine needs a patched rom instead of recompiled code, it was not a problem any-more. And after adding some indirect jumps to the indirect jump init file, SMB1 began to work.

It is slow but it works more or less. Now it will be a question of speed and sprite zero hit flag simulation.



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